Weekly Digest February 10 - February 14, 2020

Here are some interesting news items or blogs, which caught my eye this week.

Note that listing an item here is NOT EQUIVALENT to an endorsement. In many cases, cited items may be controversial and/or may require discussion or further research.
  • Eric Knorr talks about Cybersecurity in 2020 HERE

  • Some gloomy cybersecurity forecasts for 2020 HERE

  • Top 7 cybersecurity trends for 2020 HERE

  • Deep Instinct gets large investment to develop a new predictive cybersecurity tech HERE

  • Lovely Valentine’s Day cybersecurity article from Fredrick Lee HERE

  • Ed Sattar on how to arm your staff to be able to deal with cyber risks HERE

  • Interesting take on cybersecurity as a modern warfare HERE

  • What we all can learn from Estonia about cybersecurity HERE

  • Washington County Government is hit by cyberattack HERE

  • Shujun Li and Jason Nurse on how to beat cybercriminals and stay safe online HERE

  • Absolutely charming article written from the psych perspective by Valérie Kastner on social engineering HERE

Thats all for this week! Have a great weekend!