Weekly Digest March 9 - March 13, 2020

Here are some interesting news items or blogs, which caught my eye this week.

Note that listing an item here is NOT EQUIVALENT to an endorsement. In many cases, cited items may be controversial and/or may require discussion or further research.
  • Interesting article on cybersecurity culture score (not measured the way I would do it) but I am glad these tools are being developed HERE

  • Cyber security professionals discuss AI value HERE

  • Rohit Chatterjee on the difference between cyber security and information security HERE

  • Yet another perspective on top cyber security trends in 2020 HERE

  • A very fresh view from Simone Petrella on how agencies can stop limiting their access to cybersecurity talent HERE

  • Nice overview of why employees are NOT the weakest link when cyber security is concerned HERE

  • And to counterbalance the previous piece, an article from Richard Bird on "people problem" in cyber security HERE

  • Cyber security insurance: what is it and why do businesses need it? HERE

  • Cyber threats to be aware of when working from home HERE

  • I know that only a lazy analysts did not provide their views on cyber security trends in the view of COVID-19 outbreak, but this one is from Howard Solomon and worth paying attention to HERE

Thats all for this week! Have a great weekend!

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