Zero Trust Analytics and Resources

To conclude our week-long Zero Trust marathon, we have compiled a list of articles and posts, which might be of interest to you. Some of the sources find Zero Trust to be a useful concept, while others are critical of it. Yet, many have interesting thoughts so we hope you will check them out.

  1. Morey Harber's analysis of Zero Trust and explanation why it is an unrealistic security model HERE

  2. Chase Cunningham's analysis of the Zero Trust architecture HERE

  3. Simon Wiseman's take on Zero Trust approach to networking HERE

  4. Sue Poremba on why companies don’t trust themselves with Zero Trust HERE

  5. A positive take on Zero Trust from the Forbes HERE

  6. Robert Lemos on implementation challenges of Zero Trust HERE

  7. Interesting podcast from Security Intelligence: Verify to Simplify: Demystifying Zero Trust HERE

  8. Cris Gerritz on what to expect if you want to build Zero Trust environment HERE

  9. On popularity of Zero Trust in businesses HERE

  10. Pieter Arntz on strengths and weaknesses of Zero Trust HERE

  11. Lance Whitney on why many security teams lack confidence in their implementation of Zero Trust HERE

  12. Samantha Schwartz on Zero Trust 101 and the art of healthy scepticism HERE

  13. Forrester resources on Zero Trust HERE

  14. Matt Lock on the potential of Zero Trust HERE

  15. Stephen Smith on whether Zero Trust is the right model for banking HERE

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