On this page, we list some resources, which you might find useful to read. This page will be updated regularly.


Navigating New Cyber Risks: How Businesses Can Plan, Build and Manage Safe


The book talks about cybersecurity as a behavioural science. It is a means to diagnose, anticipate and address new cyber risks and vulnerabilities while building a secure digital environment inside and around businesses. It empowers decision makers to apply a human-centred vision and a behavioural approach to cybersecurity problems in order to detect risks and effectively communicate them. The book is available from Amazon and Palgrave. There are a lot of new ideas in the book (it goes beyond the usual compliance and frameworks) – enjoy!


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Check out the website of the Alan Turing Institute for many relevant and interesting cyber security projects and events.

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The National Cyber Security Centre in the UK hosts a repository of many useful resources.

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